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About Us

After years of running in local community-based road races, triathlons and nationally recognizable endurance events, we had an opportunity to direct our first local charity 5k road race. As race directors, we noticed various shortcomings in the timing industry – all the way from the initial customer service contact to the sub-par finish line. We decided to fill the gap and launch Rock Race Timing. 


First events should look like they have been there for years and continue to grow thereafter. You want your first sponsors coming back and your runners returning to the start line with more friends year after year. Both the start and finish should be fun and energetic. You have a lot to concentrate on race day.  An unpolished finish line shouldn’t be what your participants focus on. Rock Race Timing’s finish line will be one that they will remember, in a good way.

Rock Race Timing is your partner. We will work with your race director from start to finish.


We will help you with the following:

  • Fundraising suggestions 

  • Sources for race day giveaways.  

  • Traditional and online advertising solutions, including social media, on-line race calendars and local news outlets.


Community resources


Thank you for considering us to help you with your event.



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