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Let's Run Two!: Beautiful Weather For The Barnegat Fire Department's Stop, Drop and Run 5k/10k

On the morning of September 2, 2023, the Barnegat community came together under a brilliant blue sky for a special Labor Day weekend event that not only celebrated fitness and community but also honored the brave heroes who protect their town day in and day out. The Barnegat Fire Department's Stop, Drop and Run 5k/10k had it all – great weather, holiday spirit, and a heartfelt salute to those who keep them safe.

Barnegat Fire Department
Barnegat Fire Department

Picture-Perfect Weather: Mother Nature smiled upon the event, bestowing the racers with a flawless day. The sun shone brilliantly, and a gentle breeze rustled through the trees, offering a refreshing respite from the late summer heat. The temperature was just right, setting the stage for a race where runners could focus on their performance rather than battling the elements.

Labor Day Weekend Vibes: The timing of the race couldn't have been better, as it fell right in the heart of the long Labor Day weekend. Families, friends, and individuals seeking a break from their daily routines turned out in droves. The atmosphere was electric with a palpable sense of holiday excitement. Many participants and spectators wore their patriotic colors, and American flags lined the race route, reminding everyone of the significance of the day.

A Tribute to Heroes: What made this race truly special was its connection to the Barnegat Fire Department. As participants laced up their running shoes, they were also paying tribute to the dedicated firefighters who risk their lives to keep the community safe. The event was not just a race; it was a symbol of gratitude and respect.

The starting line was flanked by fire trucks, and the sound of the department's siren marked the beginning of the race. It was a powerful moment that reminded everyone of the sacrifices these heroes make to protect their town.

The Race: As the race got underway, runners of all ages and abilities showcased their determination, including members of the local Emergency Services. In the 5k, James Harrison earned the victory by over half a minute while Liv Auge took the Women's division. The 10k saw Chad Scanlon dominate the Men's competition. For the Women's race, Leah Olear scored the win to go along with a 7th place overall showing.

Community Spirit: The Barnegat Fire Department Stop, Drop and Run 5k/10k was not just a race; it was a community coming together. It highlighted the importance of the fire department and its role in ensuring the safety of the town. The event also raised funds for the department, further supporting their mission.

As runners crossed the finish line, there was a sense of accomplishment and unity in the air. Participants knew they had not only run a race but had also contributed to a cause greater than themselves.

In the end, the 2023 Barnegat Fire Department Stop, Drop and Run 5k/10k was a resounding success, thanks to great weather, the holiday weekend spirit, and the invaluable presence of the fire department. It served as a reminder of the strength of community bonds and the importance

Barnegat 5k/10k, Barnegat Community Dock
Barnegat Community Dock

of honoring those who selflessly protect and serve. The event brought the town of Barnegat closer together and left everyone with a sense of pride and gratitude for their local heroes.


Finish Line Video-

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